Monday, 3 February 2020

4 Best Ways to Earn 100 Dollars Online Daily

In today's article, I will tell you how to earn 100 dollars a day. In this article, I have set a goal of only 100 dollars, but you can earn even more with your hard work and skills. The methods that I am going to tell you about are very easy and in today's time there are many people who earn up to 1000 dollars daily through these methods. In this article I will also give examples of some such people. Let us now know about those methods.

1. Blogging


This is the world's easiest and best way to earn money online. You will not spend any money in this field and will also earn well. If you are interested in writing on any particular subject, then no one will find a better way for you. Through this, you can convey your words to people and you can also earn a good amount. Blog is made for free on Google. There is no charge for this. If you want to run your blog with a specific name, then you may have to spend 500 to 10000 rupees to buy a domain.

How will online earning from the blog

After writing 10 to 20 good articles on the blog, the approval of Google Adsense is obtained. You can easily earn 100 dollars by applying Ads. Apart from this, if you have a blog, then there are many ways through which you can earn a good amount.

2. Affiliate Marketing


In today's time, it has become the best way of online earning. From here you can earn money as much as you want. There is no cost to you in this also. This is also a free online recording medium.

How will online earning from affiliate marketing

For this, you will find many such online shopping websites including Amazon and Flipkart, from which you can earn good money. For this, you have to create an account on Amazon or any affiliate marketing website and sell their products. In return, these companies pay a significant commission on every product. Products of these companies are also sold through their blogs. Apart from this, they can be sold through many other means including social media. Not only 100 dollars from here, you can also earn more than this.

3. By Selling Products online


In today's time, it has also become a very good means of earning online. On the Play Store, you will find many such apps from which you can sell any product by sharing your product online and fixing your own commission. For example, suppose a product is available for Rs 500 on an app. You can easily earn 50 rupees by putting a commission of 50 rupees on it. Here I have given an example. You can sell the product by applying any commission. For example, I am telling you the names of some such apps which are quite popular. Such as Misho, Shop 101, Glowroad etc.

4. By Selling Photos Online


If you are a good photographer, you can earn good money by selling your photos. There are many websites that give up to $ 100 for a photo. For this you will need a good camera. For this, pictures of a good location have to be taken and uploaded. After this, you are paid when you like your photo. You can also earn 100 dollars or more from here. Examples of some similar websites can be seen below. Such as 500px Prime, SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Etsy.

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