Friday, 24 January 2020

Top 10 Best Plugin for Wordpress in the World

In today's time, WordPress is a platform to create a website where even if you do not know the ABCD of coding, you can make a good website by applying a little mind. The main role in WordPress consists of the plugin. Plugins will help you if you need anything in WordPress. In this, the plugin also does small and big things. Today I will tell you about 10 main plugins used in WordPress.

1. Yoast SEO

This plugin is very important for WordPress website seo. It is available both free and paid. With the help of this plugin, you can increase the ranking of the website and with the help of keywords, you can also rank your post in Google search engine.

2. UpdraftPlus

This plugin is very important from WordPress point of view. Backups can be made directly from the dashboard using this plugin. Auto backup can also be enabled with this plugin. This plugin automatically stores all the data of the website in your store. For this, more than 20 options including Google Drive have been given. This plugin is most commonly used for Auto Backup and Backup Restore.

3.All-in-One WP Migration

This plugin is a very important plugin for WordPress. This plugin exports your WordPress website including the database, media files, plugins and themes with no technical knowledge required.
Upload your site to a different location with a drag and drop in to WordPress. There is an option to apply an unlimited number of find and replace operations on your database during the export process. The plugin will also fix other serialization problems that occur during the find / replace operation.Mobile device compatible: All-in-One WP Migration is the first plugin to offer true mobile experience on WordPress versions 3.3 and up. A lot of developers also take help of this plugin. It is very easy. If WordPress has even a little knowledge, it is very important.

4. AddThis

In today's time, the importance of social media is very much everywhere. With the help of this plugin, all social media logos can be placed on their website. Whereby the user shares any post on any social media platform. With the help of this, the traffic of the website also increases significantly, because when a user shares your post on social media, then there is a lot of possibility of getting traffic from there.

5. Elementor

This plugin is mainly used to create a website. This is a very popular plugin. It is available both free and paid. Using this, your website can be designed in any way you want. It can also be called the backbone of WordPress. If you do not know anything about coding, yet with the help of this you can create a very beautiful website. Yes, it also has some drawbacks, it does not support all themes.

6.Contact Form 7

Almost all websites require the Contact Us / Contact Me form. Contact us pages will definitely be found in most websites, from the smallest to the largest. The main reason for this is that without this page, Google Adsense does not approve. With the help of this plugin, you can create contact us page in any way you want. Its use is also simple.

7. WooCommerce

This plugin is called the Revolution of WordPress. With the help of this plugin, any kind of e-commerce website can be created. The eCommerce website cannot be created on WordPress before this plugin arrives. Today, millions of people are running e-commerce websites with its help.

8.WP Super Cache

Every tried and true online entrepreneur seems to know and understand the need for a fast and reliable website. Caching a WordPress site is something that is good for providing both of these. One reason why this belongs to our list of best WordPress plugins is because of it being easy to use and setup. Just install, activate, check a few boxes to configure the plugins and possibly pretty much good to go. This plugin is also very important and is used by almost all WordPress users.

9.Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This plugin is also very important. With this help, you can see a lot of information including your total views on the WordPress dashboard itself. There is no need to log in to Google Analytics repeatedly for its use. Its use is very simple.

10.Easy Like Box

Today, Facebook is a huge social media platform. Facebook fan page will definitely be found in almost all websites. With the help of this plugin, Facebook fan page can be placed anywhere in your website very easily. Its use is very simple. Its updates are also available very quickly.

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